Live Well & Earn Insurance

educate & protect a vibrant life



90 seconds (and a can-do attitude) earns you up to $10K life insurance instantly. 


Grow your coverage through rewards for your good habits


Be the best version of yourself through our science-backed wellness content

How does it work?

Guided Meditation

positively impact mental and physical health

Gratitude Journal

rediscover great things in life


make it more fun to learn about different topics

Well-Being Videos

 improve self-awareness

Life Lessons Learned

inspire both professionally and personally

10 Tips Series

 improve health, relationships and finances

Well-Being Wednesday

Check in with your mind & body every week for 5 minutes by doing any of the below activities. They’re simple, fun and improve your overall well-being, all while growing your free insurance coverage

Social Impact

protect community through good habits

Brain Workouts

boost brain activity and improve memory

Laughter Yoga

increase happiness, strengthen immune system

AI Well-Being Adviser

unlock good habits from wearable's & daily purchases


unlock inner positive energy

Share & Care

learn from community

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